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The young star was none other than Teyana Taylor who has been in the music scene for nearly 10 years but never got the fame she acquired by just this video.Her awesome body is giving people serious workout motivation and even Kim Kardashian is among her body admirers. What’s more amazing is that the diva was clicked just 6 days after the birth.

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Taylor said on “The Breakfast Club” in 2014 that she and Tae were pals, something Heckard, who starred in “ATL,” later denied.

“Brandon doesn’t shock me anymore…so my issues isn’t with Brandon,” Taylor said on the radio show.

)The American recording artist also shared that she is planning to launch her own workout DVD, probably in late 2016 because she is not selfish.

She says that most people are selfish as they try to keep all their fitness secrets to them but she is not like those people. The love interest of NBA player Iman Shumpert is not a fan of fad diets or any type of juice cleanses.

It doesn’t matter which form of dancing it is; either Zumba, tap dancing or ballet, they all are a form of an exercise.

(We agree with her, dancing is an awesome workout, everyone must try!!

The singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor is living a married life with NBA player Iman Shumpert. The singer started dating her now-husband Iman from 2014.

After dating for a year, the pair got engaged in November 2015 and finally on October 1, 2016, they tied in the knot in a secretive ceremony. She revealed that it was no fancy event and they exchanged vows in their apartment dressed in leather jackets.

A [uncontrollably laughing] LOOFAH This is perfection.

Kanye West launched his new track “Fade” last weekend and most of us couldn’t keep our eyes off the young star that was enjoying a very sweaty workout by wearing just a sports bra, a thong, and knee pads.

Most of you reading this blog dressed up as a cat or a baseball player or a bunny or a Marvel character. Ok then you were either Santa or an alien or Little Red Riding Hood or a clown.

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