Teresa southwick the doctors dating bargain harlequin special edition

This Special Edition box set includes: THE FORTUNE MOST LIKELY TO... Sexy newcomer Sam Hart goes through women like water.

Florist Faith Connelly should know-she delivers the millionaire banker's first... In all her life, Izzy Lambert has told only one lie-fourteen years ago.

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It’s shocking enough discovering she was switched at birth. Innkeeper Cassie Calloway could easily fall for her newest guest.

Now, to fulfill the terms of his adoptive father’s will, Aislinn Bravo must marry Jaxon Winter or he loses his beloved... Out-of-towner Nash Tremont is hunky, handsome and handy, but Cassie’s painful past makes her afraid to trust.

Yes, the former police sergeant had a darn good reason for his disappearance....**For the Matchmaking Mamas, 1 2 = Happily-Ever-After** When widowed rocket scientist Steve Holder needs a housekeeper who can also help with his precocious ten-year-old, The Matchmaking Mamas assign Becky Reynolds. Poor as a church mouse, she is determined to make it on her own, so what is she doing with Tulsa billionaire Jensen Jones? But Norah Ingalls is now Detective Reed Barelli’s wife. Harlequin® Special Edition brings you three new titles for one great price, available now!

Moments before walking down the aisle again, Allie Stark finds her presumed-dead husband at her door. Rust Creek Ramblings Pretty-and-pregnant Mikayla Brown is Rust Creek Falls’ newest resident. ** Blame it on the spiked punch, or on the legend of Wedlock Creek Chapel.

That's what hard-driving exec Calhoun Hart had planned for his monthlong Caribbean jaunt.

But how's the once-burned bachelor supposed to resist the serene, superefficient redhead who has more than his bottom line working overtime?This Special Edition box set includes: THE MAVERICK'S HOLIDAY SURPRISE Montana...This Special Edition box set includes: A CHILD UNDER HIS TREE Return to the Double C...It was a promise Levi Talbot was determined to keep. When it comes to relationships, Kinsey Madison has one rule: no military men.But returning to Whispering Pines, New Mexico, where he was once known as the local troublemaker, wasn't easy for... So when she starts a new job nursing Sutter Knightlinger's mother, the health-care worker must remind herself that she wants life with a man...The Daddy Dilemma Six years ago, Sara Hobart helped a childless couple create their own... But Taryn Robinson is living in his house and homeschooling his...

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