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The memories of this match still feel so recent and raw.

Federer, to everyone's surprise, found himself two sets to love down.

Nadal was playing the best grass court tennis of his life.

Everyone around me was rooting for the overwhelming favourite, Federer.

I for some reason decided to root for the underdog, Nadal.

This is truly a clash of the titans and for that matter one of the greatest events in the world of Sports. amazing This is the greatest tennis match of all time. Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick (2009 Wimbledon Final) The only time Roddick was broken was when he was serving to stay in the match at 14-15.

The best one ever watched in 30 years as a tennis fan. Even Federer Fans know their hearts were down for Andy Roddick as a Wimbledon champion.

Most people will tell you that their final at Wimby '08 was the greatest match of all time. Roger can't break Novak for 3 sets, then, down 5-2 in the fourth, gets consecutive breaks to save the match. Roger playing so well at 33 against a 27 year old opponent of Novak's caliber simply cements his legacy as the best ever.

However, the hype, the story, the drama and the overall quality makes this match my pick. The fact that Roger was still able to put up that kind of fight at that age just goes to show his true greatness.

You couldn't pick a winner until that final Hawk-Eye challenge that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

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