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Your level of support and involvement is essential to your teen’s health and wellbeing.

If the topic of sex is avoided between parent and child, the child will learn about sex from outside influences, which often results in inaccurate and unhelpful information.

A lack of proper guidance about sex from parents may result in risky sexual behaviors and poor decision-making.

Even if romantic relationships seem trivial to parents, they are actually appropriate during adolescence.

It’s healthy for adolescents to explore romance, intimacy and partnerships, as well as to develop a sense of self and autonomy.

Your own choices about sex and relationships serve as modeling and teaching for your teen.

Regardless of your marital status, your teen will pick up on how you treat your partner or spouse, how sex is viewed, how you talk about ex-partners, how you handle being single or dating and who you welcome into your home.Many parents operate under the belief that their teenagers do not listen to or value what they say.During particularly rebellious phases that occur during adolescence, many parents feel unheard and frustrated, and fail to realize that their teens are still looking to them as a guide and model for relationships.Kids and teens also have a natural curiosity about sex, which is healthy.However, your teen may fear being shamed, humiliated or getting in trouble, which can equate to secrets and barriers to communicating about sexuality and relationships.Modeling and engaging in effective, honest and open communication helps your teenager utilize healthy communication in other relationships.

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