brent smith online dating - Teen dating older guy

A 16 year old boy should be socializing with girls his own age. If she were in high school she might see him in a different light.

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I can't say that I'd be letting my 13 year old daughter date anybody.

Since you asked, I would say this, "You are too young to date.

You are not allowed to go out with this guy, or any guy.

If you disobey me, you will be punished." (12/09/2006) By Lee Ann Perri At 13 a girl should not be dating.

When you meet the boy, act like this guy is the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to your daughter, and that everything he does is the most wonderful thing.

Believe me, this I know for sure, you will soon be hearing the doubts she has about him.

Lastly, remember, you are the parent and it's your house, your rules.

Don't be afraid to have your teenager mad at you occasionally, it's part of the parenting process.

(12/12/2006) By LEONA LABINE You are not your daughter's helpless buddy standing by while she has this dilemma; you are her parent, her mentor, her guide, her boundary-setter.

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