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While they were confident there was a community of people who would use this kind of service, they didn't bank on how successful would be.

Since the launch in June this year the site has amassed nearly 3,000 members, with hundreds more signing up each week.

“It’s perfectly OK to be on different pages about music,” said Natasha Sharma, a Toronto-based therapist and author of .

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But does being in sync in musical taste translate to being in tune as a couple? I love them too.’ ”For some singles, musical taste matters big time.

Relationship and musicology experts say that while liking the same music can create an initial spark between daters, it’s not necessary for maintaining a happy relationship. Nickelback, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga topped a poll of musical turnoffs conducted by in 2011.

The app then shows you nearby matches with similar music tastes – like Tinder, except for music nerds.

Finally, a way to find that person out there who loves old-school Finnish death metal, just like you.

It’s more important to agree on big-picture stuff such as goals, values and outlooks on life, she said.

“Any time you push anything on a partner, it’s not good — whether it’s music or marriage,” she said.

On Katie Nestor’s first date with Gareth Williams, she gushed about the bands she’d see perform at the Way Home music festival just north of the city that weekend. “I was like, ‘Who is this guy who doesn’t know Way Home?

’ ” Nestor laughed, recalling the few dates later when she first learned Williams had no songs on his phone and was indifferent to music.

“We know from some brain studies that music can bring up autobiographical memories ...

memories for events that have happened to you,” said Laurel Trainor, a professor of cognitive neuroscience and director of Mc Master University’s Institute for Music and the Mind.

Despite being relatively new to the online dating world, has attracted plenty of media attention.

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