Symantec xdb not updating server nina kauffman is dating

If you are updating a Symantec Anti Virus server, then you must download the file from Symantec, as described in the "Copying an file" section in this document.

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With the VDTM, it is only necessary to update one server in order to update all computers in the network.

The server gets definitions updates using Live Update or an file, and then automatically distributes the definitions to each of its clients on the network.

The Live Update Administration Utility On very large or widely distributed networks, it may be desirable to create an internal server and have clients use Live Update to retrieve updates from that server, rather than using the VDTM.

For information on determining whether the Live Update Administration Utility is necessary, and instructions for its implementation, read the document How to configure the Live Update Administration Utility.

Well I once had that problem but I had to bring the system to the Internet. But hold on, there can still be solution from our neighbouring engineers. Thank [email protected] For Symantec products, there are 4 ways of updating the virus definition:- The Virus Definition Transport Method (VDTM)- Live Update- Copying An *file- Intelligent Updater For your situation, only the Live Update cant be applied.

VDTMThe is a fully automated solution for virus definitions distribution, and is enabled by default between servers and their managed clients.Live Update can retrieve definitions files either from the Symantec server (which it does by default) or from an internal Web, FTP, or file server created with the Live Update Administration Utility.Scheduling Live Update You can schedule Live Update to run periodically, either from the Virus Definition Manager within the SSC, or by clicking File and then Schedule Updates from within Symantec Anti Virus.I've checked for any obvious issues, such as bad DNS naming or firewall rules on the clients, but nothing is jumping out at me as to what might be causing this issue.Any one else experience this type of issue when deploying SEP11? Two clients actually show as connected to the SEP Management Console (the server that the management software is on and a desktop workstation).Read the document How to use Live Update is a program that connects to a server, downloads the latest definitions, and applies the definitions to the computer on which it is running.

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