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I uninstalled Tinder after a while, as I was starting to think something was really really wrong with me.I tried to be witty, funny, straightforward, but I only got two response, and neither led to anything.She mentioned various success stories from her friends who got boyfriends through that app, sometimes with the relation going as far as having kids.

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There were like 5 girls in the whole country at the time. So I tried chatting up girls in clubs and got the feeling I was perceived like a serial rapist. I sometimes wonder how Swiss people even manage to reproduce.

I guess there’s a reason why almost half o our marriages are binational - I did the same btw.

No matter which gender: Take and upload some good photos and write a bio. It's really not that hard but SO MANY people just write nothing or put some generic emojis there.

I don't wanna go out with someone when all I know about them is that they like using a monkey emoji. I'm not on Tinder on Saturday at 6pm looking for a date for 7 o'clock...

For reference: I'm 26, M, in Geneva, half french half italian, with a grandpa from the carrabeans.

I'm not a super model, nor a Quasimodo, I would say average, but I have no trouble making people laugh.

I already complained yesterday to my now ex-gf that I hate the thought of installing these apps again... Get a hobby, go climbing, painting or find a reading club.

Anything really, that can be fun in groups, and cultivate that passion. I gave it a try for a few months in Ticino, it was overall bad, certainly nothing compared to how it is in the US (tried it there as well).

You will start to meet people, and with a bit of luck somebody special. Eventually I stopped wasting my time on that app and met my current girlfriend the normal way.

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