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Conversely, the participants might get a welcomed kiss or a nice compliment.

The queer folks lock into a camaraderie—or at least a reference palette—that cuts some of the tension marking the straight dates.

The season’s “viral moment” comes when Gurki, a 36-year-old Indian American woman, sits down with Justin, a 34-year-old white fashy-wearer who rudely denounces her for having previously married someone she had doubts about.

At the end, the main subject meets up for a second rendezvous with his or her favorite suitor. Though cringey, the gaffes bolster the sense that genuine interaction is being portrayed.

Some daters immediately click, and it’s as satisfying as when an i Phone purrs upon being plugged in.

Now it’s apps like Tinder that have gamified romance.

But rather than contend in a cheesy quiz show or an overproduced melodrama, singles chase dopamine as they would in addictive video games.The suitors are a panoply, though of a distinctly New York City sort: property bros, fashion-industry mystics, jaunty entertainers.Most exhibit a hyper-cosmopolitan, inside-jokey self-awareness, though often with comic blind spots (who meeting for a date in Brooklyn hasn’t heard of Narragansett beer? It’d be nice if future seasons made like The remarkable thing that emerges about NYC, though, is the possibility of connection—and clashes—across cultures, tastes, and ethics.If Dating Around has an eerie tinge of Black Mirror or or Russian Doll, so too does modern dating.In each episode, the co-creators Paul Franklin and Chris Culvenor simply point cameras at one New Yorker on a series of blind dates. The “main character” lives through what looks like the same date—same pseudo-chic restaurant, wearing the same smart outfit—with each suitor, whom the show cuts together in a seamless, albeit head-spinning, collage.A boilerplate question () might trigger a montage of answers from the different daters.

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