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I was — and still am — grieving the loss of a woman who’d been the Robin to my Batman (her words, not mine) for nearly two decades. One day maybe you raged, then the next you accepted your loss.Still, quite apart from missing the woman I loved, I miss having a partner. But that didn’t necessarily mean you didn’t rage again the next day. Whether people are actually constantly judging or not, it feels like it to people who are mourning.

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From time to time, pharmaceutical representatives present clinical information about the latest research in advancements and treatment.

The group generally meets twice a month on Thursdays, except on weeks with holidays.

These groups are ongoing and the commitment for those groups are at least 6 months.

This Dating Support Group for Gay Men is a time-limited experience (7weeks) and it focuses on romantic relationships, sex, and intimacy.

RAIN’s Adult Support Group is a co-ed group that is open to the community but only for people living with HIV (and 25 years old and older).

The group covers topics such as disclosure, nutrition, legal assistance, medication/medical appointment compliance, HIV education, dating, aging with HIV, and other chronic illnesses. WHO: Limited to 7 members – gay adult men of all ages WHERE: 928 Broadway, Suite 806 Cost : /week – BCBS/Out of network insurance accepted Members must commit to all 7 weeks Each week, discussions will center on various themes.Some themes will include: Our Gay Men’s Therapy Groups are interpersonal/process orientated groups that focus on the here and now.Whether others judged it appropriate or not, I felt I was ready to date.I also believed I owed it to my potential dates to be as honest with myself as possible.When you lose someone, there’s a feeling of being under a microscope, your every move examined by friends, family, coworkers, and connections on social media. Like grief, the timeframe for each individual’s readiness is variable. Two things determined my own readiness to date: I’d accepted the loss and was interested in sharing more than just a bed with a woman.

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