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Nevertheless, there is also a hypothesis that argues that the Austronesian ancestors of contemporary Sundanese people originally came from Sundaland, a sunken massive peninsula that today forms the Java Sea, the Malacca and Sunda straits, and the islands between them.

The Sunda Wiwitan belief contains the mythical origin of Sundanese people; Sang Hyang Kersa, the supreme divine being in ancient Sundanese belief created seven bataras (deities) in Sasaka Pusaka Buana (The Sacred Place on Earth).

They number approximately 40 million, and form Indonesia's second most populous ethnic group, after the neighboring Javanese.

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They have rules against interacting with outsiders and adopting foreign ideas, technology, and ways of life.

They have also set some taboos, such as not cutting trees nor harming forest creatures, in order to conserve their natural ecosystem.

Inland Pasundan is mountainous and hilly, and until the 19th century, was thickly forested and sparsely populated.

The Sundanese traditionally live in small and isolated hamlets, rendering control by indigenous courts difficult.

Geographic constraints that isolate each region also led Sundanese villages to enjoy their simple way of life and their independence even more.

That was probably the factor that would contribute to the carefree nature, egalitarian, conservative, independent and somewhat individualistic social outlook of Sundanese people.Hindu influences reached the Sundanese people as early as the 4th century CE as is evident in Tarumanagara inscriptions.The adoption of this dharmic faith in Sundanese way of life was, however, never as intense as their Javanese counterparts.A Sundanese legend of Sangkuriang contain the memory of the prehistoric ancient lake in Bandung basin highland, which suggest that Sundanese already inhabit the region since Mesolithic era, at least 20,000 years ago.Another popular Sundanese proverb and legend mentioned about the creation of Parahyangan (Priangan) highlands, the heartland of Sundanese realm; "When the hyangs (gods) were smiling, the land of Parahyangan was created".The Sundanese have traditionally been concentrated in the provinces of West Java, Banten, Jakarta, and the western part of Central Java.

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