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After putting it in, he opened the bottom right drawer of his dresser. Knowing that the hatin ass dudes from on L-Block couldn't stand to see the 9th get money with superior product and better service, Marcus takes both guns.

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The sudden downpour made him scramble to get underneath the shelter of a nearby bus stop.

Looking around, he saw no place to hide out until the rain passed.

Running into the bathroom, he turned off the now cold water and wrapped a towel around his waist.

Moving back into the bedroom, he opened his closet and took a look inside.

Racing from under the shelter and out into the rain, Marcus sprinted across the street and, dodged a car before coming up on the curb and crossing the street again. " There was a pause, and for a second Marcus thought he may have rang the wrong buzzer. Ice nigga." Another pause, and then a loud mechanical click as the security door was unlocked.

Marc jumped up the three small steps leading to the tan granite buildings walk way. Marcus walked through the door and was hit hard with deja-vu.

A reminder that everything can change in an instant.

Next, he choose an ear ring from the assortment underneath the necklaces. He debated on which one, if either, he should take with him.

He waved to a few people he recognized as he walked down the street, stopping only once when a white boy passing by had discretly asked him if he had any weed.

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