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And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters" (1 John ).Just as Christ first gave up His life for us, we are now called to give up our lives for the church—pouring ourselves out in fervent acts of sacrificial love.

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Maybe you're convinced that there's no one out there for you. If you're rolling your eyes every time a message pings in, it might just be time to call it quits. Maybe in a few months, you'll be excited again, and then you can resume business as usual.

(Not true.) Or that everyone online is a psychopath. JK, JK, not true.) Whatever the case may be, if your heart isn't in it, nothing good can come of it. Call me a romantic (no, really — call me a romantic, because that, folks, is exactly what I am), but if, at long last, someone truly awesome comes down the pike and you're both on the same page, it is totally OK to stop dating and just focus on one person. I know millennials are all billed as serial monogamists at best and career one-night-standers at worst, but that doesn't apply to all of us.

It does happen, and I'm here to say that you might want to give dating a break if you're, say, experiencing dating burnout.

Or rolling your eyes at the idea of going on dates. If you've been going on a lot of dates with unworthy types — the mansplainer, the type who just wants to string you along, mad ghosters — it is especially wise to hit pause, or at least slo-mo, on the whole dating thing.

The local church is where God is calling you to express your commitment to Him and your passion for Him, serving others as He has first served you.

"This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.

If you're like, "Gotta go, bye," every time you have plans with your gals and some rando on the internet asks you out, bad news: You, my friend, need a dating freeze.

I'm so sorry to be the one to break it to you, but someone had to.

When dating, a certain amount of plucky faith in the universe has to prevail, along with a sense of serendipity — seeing the right person at the right time on the right app, etc. If you're OK with swinging from one to the next like a bumble bee, more power to you.

— and, of course, a healthy dash of quality over quantity. But if you're playing for keeps, it might be time to change your game.

In fact many people go there partly because of this.

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