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Petty crime such as purse snatching and pickpocketing is common, especially on public transportation. To minimize risks, you should opt to pay in cash whenever possible.

Their many holidays are spent idling at home with a cup of fine Ceylon tea, visiting closer friends or relatives for a leisure chat or by all means playing their favourite sport.

Sri Lanka's national sport is Volley Ball; but it is seldom played except on beaches and school tournaments.

Travel restrictions may be imposed in the North without notice, including in areas around military establishments and those where demining operations continue.

Security forces have wide-ranging powers, including the authority to: Violent crime occurs, including harassment and assault aimed at Western foreigners. Pay very close attention to your credit card when it is being handled.

Portuguese Colonialism also had a considerable impact on local music and instruments while African slaves called kaffrinha, and their dance music was called Baila had a great and lasting impact on the island’s music; Sri Lankans enjoy good Baila music with a passion to this day.

Traditional Sri Lankan music includes the hypnotic Kandyan drums - drumming was and is very much a part and parcel of music in both Buddhist and Hindu temples in Sri Lanka.

Expect increased security measures, including a police force and military presence on roads, at key installations and in populated areas.

On April 21, 2019, several explosions occurred at different locations, including hotels and churches, in the greater Colombo area and Batticaloa.

Lankans have an insatiable appetite for Kottu (Kottu, or Kottu Roti is a Sri Lankan dish, made from a Lankan roti called "Godhamba Roti" and Vegetables, Egg, and/or Meat, and various spices); Sri Lankans are so fond of Kottu that the sound of making Kottu (Distinct sound of metal on metal when Kottu blades chopping roti, meat, and vegetable on a heated metal sheet) is music to their ears regardless of how noisy it is.

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