Speed dating older singles

One of the events is organized at Arizona Theater Company where singles of all ages meet.The party is set on the basis of several rounds of six minute talks with each other.

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Access to these events is only possible with invitations.

It is free to register, and a fee for this service is charged only when you attend an event.

After a short conversation of three minutes, they change their seats.

At the price of $25, as of 2011, Speed Net offers dating events for adults over 55.

Johansson holds Master of Science degrees in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering, both from the University of Miami.

Whether you’re seeking a companion, friend, or a soulmate, here’s your chance to get to know a variety of interesting people in a series of five minute one-on-one chats. For additional information call 503-235-5474 or email us.

Every person wears name tag and is offered a paper sheet to make notes during dates.

After five to eight minutes, the person goes to the next table and a new date.

Speed dating service is a convenient way for adults to find a date.

The main concept of speed dating is that singles are gathered in one location depending on their age or interest.

Jensen Johansson has been a freelance writer since 2006.

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