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Although, taking a class in your local church community centre may kill the mood a tad.

Instead try Revolucion de Cuba’s salsa classes on Wednesday evenings.

Home Theatre, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, M15 4FN Ok we'll admit, this is kinda like using a dating app, but it’s hard to completely ignore digital help when looking for a partner.

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They say ‘the way to love is through the stomach’, and what’s more impressive than being able to cook your own bread or roll your own sushi?

Whether you want to master Malaysian street food or finally make a Speed dating is the original Tinder.

Wine tastings offer up the opportunity for wine-lovers to connect over a mutual love, be it white or red.

Also, wine has the added benefit of making you incredibly sociable.

If that doesn't work, head to the Northern Quarter’s Chapter One, browse the books and strike up conversation with a fellow bookworm.

OK, this is a bit of an odd suggestion, but let’s consider it.

And not all Morning-Ravers are the hippy-dippy type (though if you’re into that, there’s a lot of hippies too), just business people looking for a morning booster. The winner gets a £100 bar tab and a rubbish trophy, and if you’re lucky, maybe a regular ping pong date.

If all else fails, there’s a fully stocked bar nearby.

That’s not to say meeting someone the old-fashioned way is not doable.

Like anything in life, being successful takes work, and odds are those so-called ‘chance encounters’ are actually a result of proactive searching.

Shudehill’s Organic Café and Creative Wellness Centre is fast becoming known as a hotspot for alternative activities. Why not try one of The Wonder Inn’s intriguing classes – from laughter workshops, reggae yoga and African drumming to an ‘Alien, Atlantis and Ascension’ talk (certainly a conversation starter). Ideally, you'd like an erudite character who is able to thoughtfully dissect the plotline of an indie flick, quote Nietzsche and enjoy a good Beaujolais.

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