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With an extra couple of years under his belt at the big league level, Kiermaier has two Gold Gloves and got edged by Byron for the first time in 2017.Moving outside of the awards though, it's the metrics that truly show how great Kevin really is.Needing no introduction, it's Tampa Bay Rays centerfielder Kevin Kiermaier.

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In that sense, Buxton and his competition would hold up well in comparison with great defenders of yesteryear.

For the purpose of this piece, there's only one other player that currently holds a candle to the Twins star.

Over the course of his five year big-league career, Kiemaier has played over 1,000 innings just once.

Having dealt with injuries, he's only surpassed the 110 games played plateau one time, and has been under 100 games played once as well.

Instead, he posted a 93% mark and added unexpected outs 6% of the time.

Unfortunately, Statcast's data only dates back to 2016, so comparing Kiermaier's exceptional 2015 in the same realms is not possible.Salon operators and suppliers will have the chance to pre-select who they wish to meet in advance and each meeting will last approx. In 2017, Byron Buxton won what should be the first of many Gold Gloves.From a Fangraphs perspective, Buxton has room to grow.Last season, his DRS total checked in at 24 with a 9.9 UZR and 12.6 Rng R.He's trailed most closely by Cincinnati's Billy Hamilton (30.1 ft/s) and Kiermaier's 28.9 ft/s check in at 13th among centerfielders.

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