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If you want to reschedule a meeting, you can do it in CALENDAR section.

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who have cancelled meeting with you/you have cancelled meeting with (cancelled invitations) by going to Invitations tab and clicking View/Send message button To set up a meeting, first you need to find a person you want to meet with.

Go to SEARCH tab and input word or phrase (name, surname, company name, etc).

Experience low-stakes “friend-dating” under the guidance of Speed Dating staff. Join us for our workshops on Saturday and Sunday, – am. Rotate between conversations with other singles while the Speed Dating staff coordinate your mutual matches! Please see the Registration section below for sign up information!

Speed Dating sessions are only offered for attendees 18 years and older. Speed Dating registration will open Friday at midnight for Saturday sessions, and Saturday at midnight for Sunday sessions. Participants will be selected via lottery and receive email confirmation if they are selected.

You can search through startup, investor and business representatives’ profiles to choose those who are the best fit for you.

The tool offers different filters depends who you are looking for.

When somebody sends you an invitation you will receive an email.

To Accept or Decline you need to go to INVITATIONS tab.

Startups can also upload their pitch decks so investors and business representatives have more data for analysis. Speed Dating tool is available here after logging into your Infoshare account.

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