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Shops could be closed anywhere from 12 PM until 5 PM so the owners can eat their main meals of the day or even take a nap.Dining Spain has some strict etiquette when it comes to eating, and you should familiarize yourself before you depart.Along with France, Italy, the United Kingdom and China, Spain was listed as one of the top study abroad destinations for Americans.

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When using utensils, the knife should remain in the right hand and the fork in the left; the utensils should not switch hands.

If both utensils are put down on your plate for an extended period of time, your host/hostess or the wait staff will assume you have finished eating.

If you’re invited to someone’s home for dinner, bring a small gift like flowers, chocolates or wine.

The invited guest will usually be seated at the head of the table with the host at either side.

If you’ve ever referred to your afternoon nap as a siesta, you can thank the Spanish for that.

Unless you’re in a major city, most stores and restaurants take a siesta or an afternoon break.There are many different types of restaurants in Spain such as family-run Tabernas, seafood only Marisquerias, and informal restaurants where you may be required to share a table with strangers.Tipping Tipping is considered the polite thing to do in Spain.However, there are still some parts of Spain where there is more of a machismo culture and/or where men are dominant.One important thing to remember is that it’s generally considered acceptable for women to dine alone at lunch, but not so much at dinner or in a bar (more on dining rules later). If you’re waiting for a study partner or a lunch date, it’s common for people to arrive roughly thirty minutes late in Southern Spain and fifteen minutes late in Northern Spain.Remember that religion is very important in Spain, so if you’re headed to church or visiting a religious memorial of any kind, dress conservatively and appropriately.

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