Sophia dating liam

It’s thought they broke up due to work commitments, her modelling and his touring.

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He even in 2014 confirmed that the song named Illusion is dedicated to Sophia and also bought her a puppy Ralph.

Sophia was still a student when they two met and it was first time during the tour they both flew together from LA.

Must Check Who is the current Date of Nial Horan Things were going too fast in the life of Liam and Sophia and seemed that Sophia was not ready to take this relationship status too serious. In an interview Liam confirmed his split and even added that being away from her feels harder.

Sophia feels that this split is for good springs as Sophia felt that their relation was not a point to experience something further.

Sophia was his old school mate and they together made their first public appearance at the concert of the film of 1D.

They started spending much time as Sophia even joined him throughout the tour of 1D.In the music video of the song 'Night Changes’, he can be seen holding her hand as he pulls her toward a fair ride.The 2015 Great Gatsby Ball for Trekstock was planned by Sophia and her university friends and was hosted by Liam, who was an ambassador for the charity.After the two years of togetherness Liam and Sophia finally had split up and thus to comfort his life this pop star is getting close to his pet dog.This devastated boy met his ex-girlfriend Sophia in June 2013 and started dating.In February 2015, they celebrated her 21st birthday together in Australia with a custom cake featuring a replica of their dogs.

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