Sophia bush dating austin nichols real life

In the end, they would marry, raise two sons and go on to live happily ever after.

Just as their characters’ love affair was not meant to be, neither was their off-screen romance.

Eventually, Candice Accola would become Candace King (after marrying The Fray’s Joe King) and Zach would go on to date another actress whom he met on the set of , Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan sadly did not find relationship success - on or off-screen.

Have you ever wondered if some of your favorite CW romances were actually an item?

Here are 16 CW Couples You Had No Idea Were Together In Real Life.

For years, fans may have cooed over the two together in public, but their time as a couple actually ended just prior to the series finale.

While vampires are supposed to live forever, this relationship certainly did not. Speculation about why the couple split floated around the CW rumor mill for a while but the biggest shock came not long after their breakup.

Valentine’s Day may be behind us, but love is always in the air; which is a sentiment that seems to ring true especially for stars of the CW.

We all know that celebrity couples are notorious for kindling relationships on-set.

The CW is one of those beautiful places where audiences can tune in to catch some pretty hot romances on a weekly basis.

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