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Amy is a pink-furred anthropomorphic hedgehog with green eyes and peach skin on her muzzle and arms.Unlike other hedgehogs, her spines are not spiky in appearance but are rather worn down like that of ordinary hair, somewhat resembling a bob cut.After the plane's engine caught on fire, she and Tails were saved by Knuckles and ended up on Earth because of Chaos Control.

Once Sonic's team took the lead though, Eggman cheated to ensure he still escaped with the Chaos Emerald. However, while looking for the Emerald, Amy and co. Amy nearly got blown away by the hurricane-like winds from E-35, but used her hammer and some stakes to keep her grounded to help Chris and Frances. There, Sonic managed to retrieve both Chaos Emeralds before the explosives G. However, he later arrived with Helen in a commandeered G. After being given a passport that allowed her to travel in public, Amy was at first enraged upon seeing that her picture in it was a bad one.

Meanwhile, impressed by the game, the team manager Elmer Johnson agreed to move the turf at Diamond Stadium to the new stadium and keep Albert as well for his years of service. Not intending to let Eggman win, Amy, Sonic, Tails, Chris, and Frances pursued him back to his headquarters, which was currently being attacked by G. However, she forgot about it once Ella and Chris took her, Tails, Cream and Cheese to the mall.

When Tails set off to look for another Chaos Emerald at Tingalin Villa, Amy joined him alongside Chris and Frances, not realizing they were being tailed by Chris' school teacher, Mister Stewart, who was actually an undercover G. However, many of the people gave Amy and the others various looks of unease or concern, due to their newfound fame regarding their roles in taking down Eggman's headquarters, and it soon became overwhelming for them. Before it did though, Sonic managed to send the Egg Fort into the ocean.

As they left the mall however, Station Square was besieged by Eggman in his new mobile headquarters, the Egg Fort, as the doctor unleashed E-42 Toroles and E-43 Falcons on the city. After that, Amy reunited with Sonic, and both of them looked out over the water as Tails pointed out that Eggman would not quit anytime soon.

At one point, Amy joined Chris, Sonic, Tails, Cream and Cheese at one of Lindsey's movie shoots at an old castle.

However, the castle turned out to be haunted by King Boom Boo and his Boom minions, who kidnapped everyone except Amy and Chris.Her sadness quickly turned into furious anger though, and she destroyed Eggman's robot in short order.She then got launched into the air and landed in the ocean, smashing Eggman with her hammer as she continued to vent her fury at him.In addition, she would help Ella in the kitchen with her cooking from then on.Thanks to Ella helping her, Amy soon made some delicious food.After that, Amy joined Sonic, Tails, and Cream at Chris' house to live there for the time being. Not long after, Amy would help retrieve the first of the Chaos Emeralds when it appeared at a construction site.

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