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Our One API solution makes it just as convenient for your brand to provide the multi-channel availability that customers expect.

SMS SMS stands for Short Message Service and allows one to send messages to others using text only.

These are alphanumeric text messages that have a limitation of 160 words only.

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Though the basic purpose of mobile phones is to make voice calls, there are many other ways of communicating with others through mobile phones. SMS is the older of the two and is available on all mobile phones irrespective of their price.

You can choose to wait hours, days or even weeks for email responses, or you can tap into the power of Clickatell’s SMS Platform to open a personalized communication channel with 6 billion customers. Enable any app, desktop or web platform with Clickatell today.

That’s 6 billion reasons to make SMS your marketing and communications tool of choice. Our cutting-edge technology can easily be integrated with CRM systems and even built into websites.

However, when I rang them they said they are not able to this but if I bring my phone in they will investigate my problem.

Chris at the Pocket Phone Shop did some investigation and then told me that if I go into Text Messages, Settings and then scroll down to Multimedia Message (MMS) Settings there is a parameter ‘Group Messaging’.

However, this service should not be confused with chatting where you get instant replies.

The recipient may or may not open the message at the same instant as you send it.

If this is ticked, when sending Group text messages individual MMS messages are created.

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