Skype sex webcam model

Here at Eye Candy Web Models we will be honest about webcam modeling jobs.

As a webcam model you will have to do more than just look sexy and expect clients to spend their hard earned money on you.

Eye Candy Web Models has immediate webcam modeling openings for females, males and couples.

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Webcam Lighting Setup If you are just getting started as a webcam model with Eye Candy Web Models and can't afford a lighting kit you can use 2 lamps to your front right and front left.

Make sure the lamps have 75 to 100 watt bulbs in them.

Also make sure not to have to much light behind or above you when working your webcam job.

Just taking these simple steps will make a huge difference in the quality of your live video chat when performing for our webcam modeling agency. You may also find moving the Back Light to the opposite side or even center can yield good results when webcam modeling.

Best of all, webcam modeling will make you financially secure in the comfort of your own home.

At Eye Candy Web Models we train our webcam models with as much information as possible on how to act on their webcam.

If you are unsure if your computer is up to our standards or you need assistance finding the right equipment please contact us @ 1-800-685-9236.

2) You must have a direct high speed broadband Internet connection and your upload speed must be at least 0.8 Mbps. DSL is not the best for broadcasting so if you have DSL you should change your provider to cable or fiber optic unless they are not available in your area.

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