Skout mobile dating services conflict dating relationships

Mobile app Skout has suspended its teen community network as a result of alleged multiple rapes of minors being tied to its service.

“In recent weeks, we’ve learned of several incidents involving a few bad actions trying to take advantage of some of our younger members. We know how much Skout means to our teen community, and, at Skout, our community means everything to us.

For now, we believe that there’s only one thing we can do: until we can design better protections, we are temporarily shutting down the under-18 community.” Our online guards have been progressively lowered as a result of social networking sites.

I was told that according to i Tunes and the App Store’s policy, dating apps have to require users be over 18 years old, the age limit Singles Around Me imposes.

Skout must have been operating under the assumption that it was merely a social app and not a dating one, although the app honestly appears to cross that line given its clear purpose to meet, flirt, and find dates.

The video aspect, which is how Flikdate entirely operates, obviously makes it increasingly more difficult to try to pass yourself off as years older than you actually are.

The quick-denial you’re able to give potential suitors also helps avoid unsafe situations.Whatever lies at the root of problems regarding minors, safety, and social, these are important questions to ask — and ones that Skout unfortunately will have to deal with now.I reached out to location dating app Singles Around Me to ask some questions about how their service works.With 10 million users worldwide and a million messages sent daily, you won't run out of things to do in Skout. Once you sign in either with your Facebook, Gmail, or new account, only a few fields are mandatory.Even though your profile is still incomplete, you can start finding other members and chatting with them.Skout also leverages Facebook to integrate users into its service, for the record.

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