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Damian proposes to Regina but still won't be honest about his criminal past as they look to the future.Caseman finally gets a chance to spend quality time with his son, Max, but Whitney offers him the job of a lifetime, which forces him to reassess his priorities.He saves Damian and Damian wants to repay him by buying him a drink.

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Meanwhile, Laura receives a promotion with some big strings attached.

Laura decides to leave the past behind when she has her first date since her husband died.

But when she and Andrew visit a gallery opening, she discovers the photo that Steven took of her.

Meanwhile, Whitney learns that Roy, her ex-fiancée, has acquired one of her clients.

This new situation forces her to work with the man who broke her heart and dreams.

Meanwhile, Carlos learns Damian's secret about the shooting.

Like a community, Friendster lets you connect with people you know and network out from there, building your web of contacts. Think of it like the game six degrees of separation.

If Mary is friends with David, and David is friends with Kumar, then Mary is connected to both David and Kumar. Here are some of the ways you can make and interact with friends: There's no limit to how many friends you can have.

Whitney and Carlos are on the hunt for new apartments, and Carlos, Anya and Steven's lives change when a friend from the past returns.

Meanwhile Whitney has a rebound affair with Todd (Jason Lewis), which she struggles to keep casual, Laura meets a new man through the connecting power of the Internet, and Mae and Carlos have trouble defining their relationship — and someone winds up getting hurt.

At the end of the episode, Carlos and Mae end up sitting across from each other in a subway car.

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