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“Not all single men are comfortable booking one-on-one date coaching sessions with me,” Laura said, “so we wanted to make a one-stop shop for everything a guy needs to approach women with confidence.” In recent weeks, Laura and her team have begun developing a webinar-style program to inform and support men in the dating scene.This online program will be there for clients when they need it.

She’s a matchmaker and dating coach, and she’s also a blogger and radio host.

She has authored a book on finding a life mate, and she has built a company to help get singles dates.

The Scoop: Laura Bilotta has been in the dating industry for 16 years and has positioned herself as one of the leading matchmakers in Toronto.

Her company, Single in the City, offers comprehensive dating services to support clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

“I often have people in their early 20s sign up for date coaching, and I’ve also had some people in their 70s,” Laura said.

“Being single at any age can be challenging, so it always helps to get an expert opinion.” Laura and her team take a hands-on approach to dating coaching and matchmaking.

Laura has developed one-on-one dating coaching, hands-on matchmaking, and special-interest singles events to help her clients improve themselves and land a terrific date.

Now she plans to expand these services to include an online webinar that teaches single men how to become more confident and capable daters.

“That singles night was a great experience.” Love stories like that are the reason Laura got into the dating industry, and she is gratified when she hears from participants who found love at her events. Throughout her career, Laura has hosted over 1,800 events which have attracted over 82,000 participants in total.

Laura has arranged speed dating and singles events for the general public, and now she plans to create more targeted opportunities for singles to meet people of similar ages, backgrounds, and interests The problem with targeted singles events is they can be too focused.

Whether she’s organizing a speed dating event or offering online dating management, Laura is a down-to-earth professional with a lot of expertise to share with singles.

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