Single dating events perth dating by phone theo

No matter how convenient you find apps, they can’t replicate face-to-face chemistry.

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Last minute cancellations are common and spots become available.

Are you an organisation from government, community, health, education and corporate sectors interested in using artists to engage with community?

Are you a visual artist, film maker, musician, performing artist or an arts worker skilled at engaging and collaborating with communities?

This is a rare chance to bring a wide array of WA’s diverse creative talent and potential employers together at one special event. Creatives will have 5 minutes to pitch their work and ideas to a prospective match.

He knows you’re at your best and most attractive when you’re most comfortable, so he always tries to recreate this relaxed vibe at his events.

That’s why all his singles sessions are activity-based - to make it a little bit easier for daters to strike up conversation (all bowling puns intended).

You will find like minded guests at our events which are famous for the quality of attendees.

Forget everything you heard about Perth's speed dating scene.

Register your interest by 5pm 29 July 2019 Acceptance email sent out with all the info you will need to get prepped for the night Pay registration Artists, Organisations/Employers (FREE for CAN members – not a member?

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