Signgs of dating violence

The reason survivors say this is because when they look back on their relationship they see all the signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Unhealthy relationships often escalate into domestic violence and sometimes can even turn deadly.

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The key is to know and then heed the warning signs.

10 Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship Do you see those warning signs in your relationship?

Mobile phones are great at memorizing phone numbers and because of that we're less likely to know those phone numbers ourselves. Read the full article at Game Politics Games can be an inviting tool to educate young people on social issues -- like how to recognize the signs of an abusive relationship, how to help a friend or to seek help for oneself.

Make sure that you've memorized a couple of phone numbers in case you find yourself without a phone. Since 2008, Jennifer Ann's Group, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about teen dating violence, has run an annual game design competition, launching each February to coincide with National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (I've acted as a competition judge in a couple of the years).

With such high incidence of dating violence among young people, it’s very possible your child or someone they know is in an unhealthy relationship.

To help keep teens safe, here are some important dating violence safety tips and facts for parents and teenagers from the Massachusetts Medical Society and Children’s Hospital Boston’s Center for Young Women’s Health.

However, for Jennifer Ann’s Group, founder Drew Crecente wants to change the perception of video games by showing that they can be an effective way to reach today’s youth and teach them about the seriousness of teen dating violence.

Read the full article at Examiner With February deemed ‘Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month,’ Atlanta native Drew Crecente is on a mission to save lives.

Speak with a trusted adult who can help you decide the next course of action and visit the safe relationship section on the Center for Young Women’s Health website for more information.

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