Sie for dating serious women

By no means I feel obliged to answer everyone who decided to write to me, or even read their letters.Quite a few mails in Russian or English that I receive get deleted without reading.I know that you send notifications, but I meant that you should send something like a warning. At that time a couple of guys complained that girls answered their Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) positively but after the first message stopped writing.

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They also complain that men don’t answer their mails and EOI’s, or prefer writing letters for months to moving forward to an actual relationship in real life.

There is a plethora of men who have more than one ID and play games with free EOI’s they get on registration.

In the same way, some men on our site put virtual “hand brakes” on their profiles and messages, without realizing it.

How serious are you about giving 100% in your search for a partner?

It doesn’t mean that I am not serious about communicating via email with people I want to converse with.

It just means that certain people and their messages don’t interest me.If you have been using any general dating site, I am confident that you weren’t answering 100% of mails and messages you received there.I am a normal person, and I also get emails to my Inbox every day.It reminds me of a recent drive with my Russian girlfriend who was complaining her car wasn’t working well, and seemed to have some engine problems.Once we were back to my place, I asked my husband to have a look, so that she could drive home safely.Are you sure that your photos, texts, and messages don’t have a “hand brake” on them?

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