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This spill can turn into a slippery slope that leads downhill into Heartbreakville.These are some of the signs of trust issues: Do you have a password on your phone? If not, it can be a clear sign that you have some problems with trust.Getting jealous of with whom she is friendly is keeping her from shining and being herself.

Just because someone missed your phone call doesn’t mean he or she is sneaking around.

Maybe the woman’s apparel you found was his sister's, or even worse, maybe it was a gift he was planning on wrapping up for you.

I think she’s just scared, which is frustrating because I really am interested and would like to see where this goes.

I try to tell her this, but I can tell she thinks it’s just a line.

On the flipside, you shouldn’t be going through your significant other’s phone. If you don’t feel comfortable confronting the person you are dating about something that genuinely concerns you, there is a bigger issue.

Another true indication of trust issues is the tendency to think of the worst case in every possible scenario.

A lot of times, when we have trouble trusting someone, we monitor what he or she does and with whom.

We get territorial and feel threatened by everyone, when in reality, their eyes are only for us.

But be careful that that doesn’t turn into her asking you to stop hanging out with any women alone.

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