Sharepoint rss feeds not updating

RSS feeds can also be opened by other applications including stand-alone RSS readers and most modern browsers such as IE.

Share Point is generally considered a robust platform for collaboration.

However, like any complex tool, there can be challenges for those who work with it and manage it.

You even have options that determine what types of changes you want to be notified about.

Alerts can be scheduled to arrive instantly, daily, or monthly.

When Word tries to open the document over Web Dav, it needs credentials and will prompt you again. Enabling forms-based and Windows authentication for the same site Often you need to allow two different communities of users to access your Share Point.

However, not all of the users will have identities in your Active Directory. Use forms-based authentication for external users and Windows authentication for your internal users.

One thing that RSS feeds provide is a description of each object in the feed which provides a better idea of its contents than simply receiving an alert containing the title of the object.

RSS feeds can also be managed by any RSS reader of which you probably have at least two on your desktop.

So how would I go about adding an RSS feed from a Share Point site?

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