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But I guess letting children see borderline pornographic depictions of women has become a norm in video games?

One other thing that I think the company really needs to work on is that a lot of stuff is not explained sufficiently and is not clear, and usually you learn about it through making costly mistakes.

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So you have to buy gems and they are very over priced considering how fast you go through them.

There are weekly events where you earn certain tokens to move through a maze.

I have found no way to add parental control over these features, and apparently to "win" at this game, alliances are nearly required.

I say you should now reserve this for your 15 or 16 year old.

Please don’t let your children play this game.(Im 12) The people who created this game are extremely greedy and liers.

When I started this game in the tutorial it told me I could earn gems by doing stuff.

I spent 5 minutes in the general chat room and it was filled with tons of childish and profane remarks that were unsuitable for my 9 year old.

In addition, players seem to be sharing a lot of personal information about themselves.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed with Dragon City and they should be a little business smarter and STICK TO WHAT THEY SAID and give away free maze coins and gems or else people like me will take they're business to another game. IF YOU WERE SMART YOU' D STICK TO YOUR PROMISES AND KEEP COSTUMERS INSTEAD OF LYING AND LOSING THEM. This game WOULD be fun if not for all the CONSUMERISM.(Apologies - for some reason spaces didn't come out in this review and it came out like a big block of text... As other reviews have stated, this game is very pay-to-win; personally I'm not a fan of this model at all.

I'd rather that a game charged me a base price off the bat and then left me alone.

Instead this game makes it painfully obvious that you need to spend money, and lots of it, to play "as intended"; even if it wasn't such a large amount of money, players just don't like feeling deceived.

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