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She resisted me but her resistance fell on deaf ears. I asked her to slightly lean on me which she did reluctantly.

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Lucia's mouth was beginning to drool copious amounts of saliva as a result of my cocks invasion of her throat and long strands of saliva trailed from the head of my cock to her open mouth.

Once more I slowly entered her mouth, this time not stopping till I was fully inside her mouth, my cock head firmly inside her throat.

I ignored all her pleadings as I knew that deep within, she too was enjoying it and I was going to exploit it.

Finally, she gave up to her lust and grabbed me close to her lips and kissed me like hell. She then started undressing me and managed to remove my shirt.

Quickly she ran away from there, leaving her notes on the floor..... But I couldn't help but get the pressure off by masturbating thinking of her sitting there in the library (the library was huge and people rarely came around the economics section).******************I did not see her around for the next few days.

Worried, I found out her address from the office and went to her house that evening.

Then I kissed and licked all over her chest where the beer had spilled. Because the way you went back there was like you were an expert! I just did it from what I recollected from that day at the library and...." I hesitated."And what.

She pleaded for me to stop, saying that this was taboo and that having sex with a teacher is wrong.

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