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"This suggested that there's no centralized list sent to the companies by government authorities," Crete-Nishihata said.

While China exerts direct control over news media, it appears to take a more hands-off approach with private companies.

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A group of Canadian researchers have reverse-engineered three of China's biggest live streaming apps to learn more about how corporations there censor discussions about everything from sex to government corruption.

As live streaming apps surge in popularity in China, the companies profiting from the craze are pulling out all the stops to censor millions of users and avoid the wrath of a government intent on maintaining a tight control over the flow of information.

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A new report from the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs describes how China's biggest live streaming apps work to shut down discussion on everything from sex and gambling to political gaffes and government corruption.

"Here you see, over the past year, an industry and a type of application exploding in popularity and it's offering users in China new and fun ways to express themselves and connect," Masashi Crete-Nishihata, research manager for the school's internet watchdog Citizen Lab, told CBC News.Each chat participant can to give him the token, so to cheer his interlocutor.At first glance, it seems that this is a simple gay chat, but as you understand, this is not true.During her college years in China, Xiaowen Liang demonstrated for more women’s public bathrooms and shaved her head to protest school admission policies that favored men.On her graduation day in 2012, police showed up on campus to question her about the campaigns.Now, her goal is to build a bridge for information about the women’s movement in and out of China.

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