Sex slave chat group

They become slaves who service the staff and guests.

She becomes dom-in-training the next day, and (part 2) helps host the grand party/orgy on saturday night, complete with games and showers.

For example, well a hot blowjob scene might be accepted in other groups..would be rejected here UNLESS the slave was giving the blowjob after their sale.2) Needless to say, if it violates the TOS it will not be accepted here.

3) As long as the general theme is met (as determined by me) then nearly any picture or video is acceptable.

Birthday Present** -- She knows just what she wants: to see her husband suck cock. Boy Toys** -- Lesbian asks to watch a gay guy with his lover, then gets so turned on she joins in.

( MMF, intro, interracial) Bisexual Orgy Ch.1** ----Jay shares his wife and himself with his friend. Bisexual Orgy Ch.2**1/2----The boss laces the punch with an aphrodisiac and a good time is had by all. Blue Light Special** --girlfriends catch two men doing it at a clothing store and decide to join in. --Boy Story **1/2-- His pain is his Mistress and Master's pleasure. (MMF, voy) Brian, Eve, and Rhonda Part 1 --2** --Rhonda gets her husband a special present for his birthday: Eve, a hot she-male.

Please fill in as many fields as honestly as you can to start chatting straight away, if you have never visited our chatrooms before then simply leave the "Nickserv Password" field blank. If you want to chat about incest or bestiality then please find another chat provider.

Chatting with an underage person is as bad as being underage.(M /F, MM, MFdom/M, wife-slut, humil, interracial).A Couple and Me *** --A tequila loving she-male links up with a horny couple. Coupons of a Mistress *** --His wife cashes in her coupons in a big way and arranges for a wild weekend with friends.(M F, MM, M F , bd, ws, tg, bi) A couple's first visit to the "Disneyland of swing clubs"--a true story (mine).(Part 1: M F , M F)(Part 2: M F , MM, bi) The prudish faculty of a university in Athens are seduced into appeasing the Goddess in an orgiastic pagan ritual.(Shemale MF, M /MF, auth, humil, wife, gs) A Belittled Couple ** --A gambler uses a couple when they fail to pay their debts. Best Friends, First** -- Three old friends share a dobie, then each other. Bi Biker Gang Bang**--Gang gives it to innocent guy and their sluts at the bar (M F, M M, bd, auth, ws) Bi Friends: By Accident? **--His beautiful Indian fuck-buddy orders her cousin to join in their fun. Bi-couple**1/2 --He goes home with a horny couple he meets at a gay bar only to discover that she's in charge. The Big Surprise ** --She heats up their marriage by tying him up, blindfolding him, and inviting over a stranger (MMF, bd, auth, intro-anal).

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