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I rarely answer, not because I am bashful but because the intrigue is so much more interesting than the truth (which is Richmond Park).Instead, I refer anyone curious about unusual sex locations to the Pon Festival of Indonesia.

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But the movement has had limited effect in the predominately conservative society of the world's most populous Muslim country, compared with that seen in some other countries.

As a writer who specialises in sex and relationships, I am often asked about the strangest place I have ever had sex.

In an interview published by the BBC on Thursday, Maknun said that while the case has taken more than its fair share of emotional toll on her and her three children, she would not back down. "Don't be afraid to tell the truth." "There are so many principled people out there, you must fight for your rights too," she added.

Indonesia's #Me Too movement has gained some traction in recent years, with some women sharing their experiences of sexual harassment.

During this centuries-old ritual, couples meet to have sexual intercourse next to a shrine, on the side of a mountain.

The mountain in question is Mount Kemukus, located near the village of Solo in Java.

There isn't much of a porn industry though, which is why most content comes from amateurs.

Webcam girls, prostitutes, and girlfriends and wives star in the scenes.

Maknun recorded one of the calls and distributed it from an electronic device, which resulted in the headteacher losing his job.

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