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She fought like a guy." Also attending the party were Magidson, José Merél, Nabors, Cazares, Paul Merél, Nicole Brown (Paul Merél's girlfriend), and Emmanual Merél (José's younger brother).

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Prospective jurors were asked if they knew any lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people; whether they knew any recently-married same-sex couples; whether they had met any transgender people; or whether they had seen a "movie or theatrical performance depicting the activities of a transgender person".

One of the defense attorneys explained the last question had specifically asked if prospective jurors had watched the film Boys Don't Cry or the play The Laramie Project, but was changed over defense concerns that by being so specific, those who hadn't would be prompted to watch either or both. The prosecuting attorney, Deputy Alameda County District Attorney Chris Lamiero used male pronouns to refer to Araujo and said the defendants had decided "that the wages of [...] Araujo's sin of deception were death." During his testimony, Nabors said he felt his friends had been raped, since "[Araujo] forced [Magidson and Merél] into homosexual sex [through deception], and my definition of rape was being forced into sex." The final votes were 10–2 in favor of acquitting Merel and Cazares of first-degree murder, and 7–5 in favor of convicting Magidson of first-degree murder.

After Emmanuel spoke with the police, charges against Paul were dropped the next day.

On October 24, Jaron Nabors pleaded not guilty; Magidson was still looking for an attorney, and Merél was still reviewing the evidence against him.

That friend tipped off the police, and agreed to wear a microphone during a subsequent conversation with Nabors about the murder.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office dispatched four crime scene investigators and two detectives to recover Gwen's body from the grave site.Paul Merél and his girlfriend were never charged and became witnesses for the prosecution.Emmanuel Merél did not contact the police until after his older brother Paul was arrested.but not convicted on the requested hate crime enhancements.The other two defendants pleaded guilty or no contest to voluntary manslaughter.In at least one of the trials, a "trans panic defense"—an extension of the gay panic defense—was employed.

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