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The toxic stew was supercharged when Hurricane Irma forced a flood of additional polluted runoff into the lake.Cyanobacteria lapped up the extra nutrients, reproducing exponentially in Florida’s punishing summer heat.” Some who plan to attend have said they will wear respirator masks.

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Historians have found accounts dating to the 1500s and 1600s of what may have been blooms of Karenia brevis, the self-propelling microorganism that masses in the Gulf of Mexico to create red tides.

A Franciscan monk in 1648 described the foul odor from dead fish piled onshore.

Crabbers are among the many fishermen who say their catches have declined as much as 70 percent.

And no one can tolerate the stench of rotting organisms, big and small. But Floridians who want to express their dismay will have one outlet on Aug. That Sunday, a Hands Along the Water event is planned along the Gulf Coast to “show solidarity & join together as one to rage against this created environmental tragedy against our waters, our sea life, our livelihoods, our lives!

One tourist warned on Trip Advisor: “Ground Zero — Polluted, dirty, unhealthy beach — STAY AWAY!!!

” A weathercaster at the local CBS affiliate declared the one-two punch an “ecological disaster.” And the top experts on toxic algae blooms said they had no idea when the onslaught would end. “Here’s how bad things have gotten,” wrote WINK-TV weathercaster Matt De Vitt in a Facebook post, alongside a gallery of dead wildlife photos.

No surprise, then, that the pollution emergency has become a political hot spot in numerous races — including the bruising contest for U. Senate that pits Bill Nelson, the Democratic incumbent, against Rick Scott, the state’s Republican governor.

Nelson has bashed Scott for slashing controls on polluting farms and businesses.

Humans also suffer when the toxins get blown into the air, constricting the lungs’ bronchioles and sending asthmatics and others to emergency rooms with coughs and shortness of breath.

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