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If I’m supposed to reveal whether I am a suitable mother for a potential mate’s babies, how am I supposed to know? *Sigh*) Interests: I like theater, reading, travel, shoes, playing piano, singing, acting, writing in my journal, hanging out with my friends and taking baths.

And, here he is, your PERFECT LOVE CONNECTION…………………… $%^&*#$%@#^&%$#@#%&%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We didn’t have that much to talk about, and I wasn’t into the beer bong.

My other attempts at dating age-appropriate men were failures (guy who dropped out of seminary because he liked sex with men, because, really, I’m NOT a secret man; guy who insisted that we had to stop at his place because he ‘forgot something,’ only to come out in his underwear and insist we stay there – EWWWWW; and guy who was Swiss-Italian – exotic, THE ACCENT – but, at nine years younger than me and only here a year, not in the market for anything serious.

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It was fun, though.) I guess you’re going to make me admit I’m seeking something serious.

Nobody can prove what they believe is correct, because it is a faith issue, so I prefer to be respectful of different points of view.

She is also very outgoing and very erotic and sexually exciting to play with. Also like a good 2-guy, 1-girl doubleteam now and then .

Steve is very sexual, funy and has an athletic build. We are a VERY wild pair with an insatiable sexual appetite. Seeking a girl for 1-on-1 with each of us, or a guy for a 3-way, or a group for anything goes.

While that’s flattering, because they’re college students (did I mention I’m 32?

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