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Near the site of the original colony, Jamestown Settlement tells the story of 17th-century Virginia, from the arrival of English colonists in Jamestown in 1607 to the cultural encounters and events that planted the seeds of a new nation.

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Climb aboard a re-creation of one of the three ships that sailed from England to Virginia in 1607.

Explore life-size re-creations of the colonists’ fort and a Powhatan Indian village.

For the first time in 400 years, view pages of the original 1619 minutes on loan from The National Archives, UK, on display through September 30, 2019.

The museum was named as one of the 52 Places to Visit in 2019.

A variety of Jamestown admission tickets and vacation packages are available with Williamsburg area attractions.

This unique museum of 17th-century American history and culture is located adjacent to the entrance of the original site, Historic Jamestowne, administered by the National Park Service and Jamestown Rediscovery on behalf of Preservation Virginia. The London Company's second settlement in Bermuda claims to be the site of the oldest town in the English New World, as St.George's, Bermuda was officially established in 1612 as New London, whereas James Fort in Virginia was not converted into James Towne until 1619, and further did not survive to the present day.Expansive gallery exhibits and an introductory film describe the cultures of the Powhatan Indians, Europeans and Africans who converged in 17th-century Virginia, and trace Jamestown’s beginnings in England and the first century of the Virginia colony.New gallery exhibits coming in 2019: Sections of Jamestown Settlement gallery exhibits are undergoing a phased renovation to incorporate new historical research and technology, including interactive touch screens, immersive exhibits and a new multimedia experiential theater.Relations quickly soured, and the colonists would annihilate the Paspahegh in warfare within four years.

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