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Even a high priced attorney can't make the charges disappear if all the elements needed to fit the crime are present and no other perpetrator is in question.

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Seeing as though these convictions literally ruin peoples lives and many accept plea bargains because their is literally no resources available other than $60,000 for an very possible that innocent people have accepted a plea deal because they simply had no other option. It has to do with what is legal and what they can or cannot do legally.

I am not saying it has happened- but that it is possible. Entrapment is about the only escape but given the situation, entrapment is very unlikely to be a valid argument.

In and of itself, yes, there are a lot of convictions, but not exhorbitently so in comparisons to other crimes that are relatively "easy" for the state to prove.

The elements needed are generally pretty straight forward, When the real time occurrance of the chat is readily available to play back for a jury, it really doesn't leave defendants anywhere to run, so long as no one ELSE can be placed at the keyboard in question.

This reminds me of the old wife's tale about prostitution stings.

If you're trying to solicit a prostitute and ask, "are you a cop?

Again, it all comes down to context which gets looked at in the light of whether entrapment occurred or not.

It's really the only potential defense, and if such entrapment isn't BLATLANTLY obvious, most attorneys are going to recommend a plea for a lighter sentence, rather than face a FULL sentence if a trial is lost.

basically, to avoid being arrested for any illegal interaction with a minor one simply refrains from engaging in any conversations with what they know or believe to be a minor that involve anything sexual. There are suggested ones, but every case, every context, is different.

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