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To practice medicine right now — even over a computer — a doctor must be licensed in the state where he or she is physically located, as well as in the state where the patient is located, he said.But many doctors are licensed in more than one state, and some states have agreements with others to accommodate doctors who see patients across state lines, Capistrant said.

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Free online video-chat services let doctors check in quickly with patients, which can be more convenient for both.

They let sick patients keep their germs at home, rather than bring them to an office.

A risk-benefit balance Risks to both the quality of care and patients’ privacy rise when doctors use Skype to communicate with their patients, said Dr.

Stuart Gitlow, an associate clinical professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.

Doctors also have to make sure their communication is secure and encrypted in some fashion in order to abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which ensures patient privacy, Capistrant said."Doctors should inform the patient of what's involved and disclose any risk, but the patient is ultimately the one who can decide …

the level of protection they want on their medical information," Capistrant said.

"Then, you can solve the problem right there instead of having to make another appointment."Under current laws, doctors must be licensed in other states if they are seeing patients outside of their home state on a more-than-occasional basis, according to the ATA.

But as technology becomes more advanced, gray areas in the laws are likely to grow, Capistrant said, and doctors will need to be increasingly aware of medical laws in other states.

In the winter, a mountainous region of California that the locals call the Grapevine is plagued by severe weather.

The highway that winds through it is coated with snow and ice, making travel between central and southern parts of the state difficult and, sometimes, nearly impossible. Gregory Smith, who specializes in treating chronic pain and prescription drug abuse, can't make it from his office in Los Angeles to his Fresno clinic.

"People really have to recognize that it's very different if someone comes from Connecticut to see me, versus my Skyping with them while they're in Connecticut."But Gitlow sees clear advantages of occasional video chats with patients.

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