Sex and the city speed dating episode

But at each seat there was a pack of tarot-esque scratch-off cards that revealed suggested icebreaker games.

Within the hour, I'd had a staring contest with a Ph. student, let someone make a sculpture of me out of Play-Doh, and engaged in a rousing round of Two Truths and a Lie with an upbeat entrepreneur.

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The two exchanged numbers, started texting, and six months later decided to move in together. It was a huge advantage in getting to know each other quicker," she says.

As the events become more and more popular, the range of people interested in them grows too.

(Think a movie marathon at which "Snape's magically refilling platter of breakfast sandwiches" was presented or a Babetown wedding complete with a Milk Bar cake.) When Tara Chee, 34, who works at a nonprofit in New York, decided to check out the event, it was a BBQ theme, and the group was grilling up a feast outside.

Chee soon found herself in a conversation with a woman named Rachel, who was working at Rikers Island at the time.

Wheeler left her job at Rent the Runway to start Perchance, a referral-based company that curates gatherings for like-minded singles.

"I'd seen how technology has altered the way we communicate and connect, and as a result people are lonelier than ever before," Wheeler says."I joke that Rachel and I bonded over the prison industrial complex," says Chee."She started talking to me, and I thought she seemed like a wonderful person, and we connected over our work." For their first date, the two had dinner and wandered through Washington Square Park. Prior to Babetown, Chee often relied on apps to find dates.If you approached someone, it was for one simple reason: You were single and ready to mingle.So when Mishael saw a tall, dark real-estate developer from across the room—talking to another girl—she knew she had to make her move.We met at the bar after I almost stepped on his cast and spent the night talking about his college baseball career, as I rambled on about the Red Sox and my deep love for the film At the end of the night, I gave him my number, but he never called.

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