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Over six seasons and two movies, we have grown to think of these women as our friends. And in a world run by the Internet, they are meme-able.

They've been our TV (and film) role models, the type that makes us want to hit pause, whip out a notebook and jot down what they say for future inspiration. Sometimes we feel like we've learned from their mistakes so well that we don't have to make our own. Though we had a tough time narrowing down the list, here are the 15 quotes from You’ve heard it time and time again: friends are forever.

We feel like Samantha has overshared the details of her latest bedroom activity with us.

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Being single in your 30s can be pretty great, until you get sick.

Then, it's the end of times, and all you can do is call your mom crying to bemoan the fact that you never got married.

This moment brings that fear to life, and we especially relate to the panic Miranda feels around what should be a huge, celebration-worthy achievement—buying her own apartment.

Your 30s seem to be full of these types of double-edge-sword moments when you're single.

These new moms don't mean to make you feel bad, but this type of behavior is common nonetheless.

And yes, as a single woman in your 30s, you've probably considering registering for yourself, as Carrie did, at some point.So, maybe she didn't fall out of a window to her untimely death after proclaiming "I'm so bored I could die," but if you're in your 30s, there is a good chance you know someone like Lexi Featherstone, who serves as a cautionary tale against staying at the party too long.See also: the episode in which pregnant ex-party-friend Laney tries to take off her shirt in order to reclaim her wild youth before it's too late (spoiler alert: It's already too late).Samantha's storyline in the episode "All or Nothing" perfectly captures the direness of this moment as even she, the most confidently single woman of all time, is reduced to a puddle of regret over her relationships status in the face of the flu.Single women of any age are afraid of dying alone in their apartments and subsequently being eaten by feral cats. Somehow, though, that fear becomes more real in your 30s, perhaps because roommates are no longer the norm.This part isn't uber-realistic—trust us, as a writer, we we have no money.

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