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I Thessalonians 4:3 tells us that it is the will of God that we abstain from sexual immorality.

God will forgive the spiritual penalty of eternal death upon genuine repentance and the acceptance of the sacrifice of Christ, but most of the time He allows the physical penalty to be paid in the form of suffering and disease.

True courtship involves getting to know the character of the other potential partner.

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Both have forever ruined their potential for the perfect marriage. Almost everyone, today, assumes that "making out" is completely within the bounds of decency after a definite engagement. What about premarital sexual intercourse between engaged couples?

And so, they have to make the best of it always falling short of what could have been, if done God's way. Does it help prepare for adjustment in marriage, or does it prevent or make more difficult that adjustment?

If these things were avoided the number of divorces could be drastically reduced. You will never see a happy person who is heavily in debt. You will never meet an unforgiving person who is truly happy. It is the worst thing you can do for your future marriage.

This is what the experts, and the marriage counselors, have found time and time again. It seems so hard for humans to realize that whatever is becoming customary is not necessarily good. There is always a penalty for sin; again, you know that as well.

But it should lead to the right marriage at the right time.

It has been substantiated time and again that the point at which most marriages go wrong is during the courtship period that led to the marriage.It is desirable for singles to seek a partner who is compatible socially, ethnically, and especially spiritually.Unfortunately, society has given us a wrong interpretation of love, confusing it with the emotion of lust or selfish infatuation.The perverted moral standards today have so twisted the thinking and the behavior of the great majority of teenagers and adults, that they have no idea that decency and propriety matter greatly.Sexual activity is so prominent in this society today with regard to dating, and even in casual meetings, that sexual activity is often expected as the "norm" during the engagement period.In the case of sexual sins, a person pays a dear physical penalty by the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)—of which there are many. Most people do not believe that His laws are good because of the hostility that runs through most humans beings.

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