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It’s genius, and set the template for many great bottle episodes to come.

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) on its list of the Best Written TV Series of All Time.

It had the fourth highest-rated series finale of all time. called it the “number one reason the ‘90s ruled.” But it’s not infallible.

Jason Alexander delivers the monologue so well that you feel like you’re there, and the two plots converge in the most hysterical way.

episodes are the ones with a totally insubstantial premise, and a bad smell that Jerry can’t get out of his car is about as insubstantial as it gets.

It all revolves around a pen, but the mere gesture of Jack Klompus offering Jerry a pen becomes the downfall of several different friendships and a whole organized event.

Plus, this is the episode with Elaine’s drug-induced “STELLA!! Here’s what’s wrong with “The Stock Tip,” the final episode (of the shortest run in TV history) of the first season: things don’t work out for Jerry and they do work out for George.

The idea was that the show was on the brink of cancellation anyway, so screw it, Jerry and Elaine get back together and that’s the end of the show.

But then it was renewed for a third season, Jerry and Elaine were quickly broken up again, and the show really found its feet.

As we’d come to see from countless classic episodes, the Jerry character works best when everything goes well for him and he’s surrounded by miserable friends who fail at everything, while the George character works best when he can’t do anything right and continually gets screwed over in his attempts at happiness.

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