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As a pet parent, it’s time for you to step in and get the vet on speed dial.

Since 2012, the dedicated and compassionate veterinary team at Prestige Animal Hospital have successfully performed spay and neuter procedures on many male and female cats of all breeds and ages.

Cats instinctively groom themselves to banish any odors that may be noticed by other animals, especially predators.

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While cat skin problems are rarely an emergency, an uncomfortable cat will have trouble enjoying daily life until those symptoms are under control.

At Prestige Animal Hospital, we love helping educate our clients about the best detection and prevention methods for worms in cats, and we pride ourselves on providing our feline patients in and around the San Bernardino County, Southern California area with the utmost in care and treatment protocols.

Cats obviously enjoy this behavior and certainly are not aware that their behavior may be seen as destructive to their owners.

Unfortunately while your cat is happily clawing on your favorite chenille chair furniture, you may be grimacing and very unhappy with one of your favorite family members.

Our practice offers pet boarding so you never have these worries.

You can kick back knowing that your beloved pets are properly cared for in a friendly, fun, secure and nurturing environment.

If you’re like a lot of cat owners, you know your cat’s daily routine.

If you notice your cat is not following his usual activities, or if you see a change in behavior patterns, those could be subtle but important clues that your cat is sick.

We are very proud to recommend these emergency facilities as they provide excellent quality of care and compassion in your time of need. 91761There is nothing more luxurious than a relaxing vacation away from home.

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