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The public is known to grow tired of the same old sound.

"Most producers outside of a small number who focus on trying to be hit makers try to focus on new creative collaboration with whatever artists they're working on," says Gibbs.

It's a cash flow problem." But both outside observers and people who know Storch see other factors at play besides mismanagement.

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Bellido and Jason Setchen, the lawyer for Jalen's mother, Dalene Jennifer Daniel, both say Storch was inconsistent but not a deadbeat dad.

"Once able to get his attention, he stepped up to the plate and did the right thing across the board," says Setchen.

Vanessa Bellido met him when they were both in high school and he was a talented keyboardist. Real smart, real different."While still a teen, Storch was a founding member of the Roots.

He produced their breakthrough single "You Got Me," which helped Philly's acclaimed live hip-hop band win a Grammy, and gave the sandy-haired Jewish producer serious hip-hop credentials.

He may not have adapted to the changing economy and the downsized music industry."Costs have come down because it's an absolute necessity.

We're certainly not able to spend beyond what our budgets are for making records," said Kallman."There's no 401k plan in the music industry," says Infamous."You can't be stupid and just throw your money away."Those who have worked with Storch and those who have only heard his music think he can have a comeback.The producer was a flamboyant smoker of marijuana; in 2004, he was fined for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia."If he's got managers and accountants and various investors looking out for his interests, it would be hard not to notice that money wasn't coming through," says Debbi Gibbs, president of Just Managing, a company that manages producers.Career-wise, Storch may be a victim of his own success.An extensive Rolling Stone profile called him "hip-hop's Liberace" and said he had earned million."The people who have always been on top of the production game - Timbaland, Neptunes, Swizz Beatz, Scott Storch - they all had their own sound," says the Miami-based producer Infamous, whose own recent work on the Lil Wayne and Jay-Z track "Mr. "When their one record took off, everybody wanted a record that sounded like that." Fame brought added responsibilities: In 2004, Storch reunited with the child he had fathered 12 years earlier with Bellido.

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