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The first thing people want to know about a new find is, How old is it?

One half of the remaining half will decay in the next half-life, leaving one quarter of the original amount.

After three half-lives, one eighth will be left, and so on. Since the uranium is transformed into lead, the amount of lead is increasing all the time.

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Every 7 minutes, a gong would ring and the youngsters would start a new conversation with another researcher.

In total, each of them met about 10 scientists during the afternoon - a new way for participants from both sides to share their common passion for science.

When you read such reports, does the question sometimes cross your mind, How do they know?

How certain is it that humans lived in Florida 10,000 years ago and in Japan 22,000 years ago, or that mastodons and camels were roaming the California landscape a million years ago?

But man’s historical records go back only 6,000 years at the most.

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